Loving Interruptions

Kindergarteners just don’t seem to understand how conversations work. I’m constantly explaining to my daughter that it’s not OK to interrupt people. She has yet to master the delicate art of gracefully entering into a conversation.

Apparently this isn’t just a kindergartener thing though. The people living in Israel in the first century seem to have wrestled with the same problem. This was pointed out to me when I was reading The Tangible Kingdom: Creating Incarnational Community (Jossey-Bass Leadership Network Series) by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay. As you read the stories of Jesus’ life in the Bible, you’ll notice that he was constantly interrupted. A lot of the great things that Jesus did happened during interruptions: he healed a paralytic that had been lowered through the roof of the building while He was teaching (Mark 2), he healed the servant of a Roman military officer when the officer stopped him as he was walking through town (Matthew 8), ande another time when he was walking through town a woman grabbed his clothes and was healed (Luke 8).

Jesus’ love was unplanned. He was available to help people in the midst of interruptions. Living the Jesus-life means loving interruptions. If we’re going to live the Jesus-life, we need to be able to love people when they interrupt our lives.

This means we need to plan for interruptions. We have a tendency to fill every moment of our lives. When we do this interruptions get in the way of the good things that we have planned to do. The problem with that is the interruption may be the better thing. We, however, aren’t available to do the good that God has put in front of us because we’ve decided the good we’ve planned is better than the good that God has given us to do.

This also means we need to be looking for interruptions. If you’re anything like me, you have a tendency to walk through life with blinders on. The only thing you see is where you’re going and what you’re going to do. We’re blind to the things happening around us. We will never experience or express God’s love if we don’t see the opportunity to do it. We need to take the blinders off and look for the interruptions that God is putting all around us. Then we will be able to experience and express God’s love just like Jesus did.

How are you doing with this? Is there room in your schedule for God to interrupt you? Are you looking for God’s interruptions?