Prayers for the City

If you truly believe there is an all-powerful God, one of the most natural actions of all actions is to talk to Him. Essentially, that’s what prayer is; talking to and listening to God. Today during our Agape Community Gathering we had the opportunity to talk to God about this city that we love. We went on a prayer walk around the our neighborhood.

A prayer walk is basically taking a walk with God and talking to Him, just like you would if you were taking a walk with any other friend. You talk to God about what’s on your mind and the things you see around you. You also listen to what God might be saying to You about what’s going on around You.

It was a great experience. We prayed for the families in the houses around us, asking God to bless them. We prayed for a family that is selling their house asking God to help them sell it quickly for a good price. We prayed for the family that will move into that house asking God to bless them. Our group even came across Brenda’s (my daughter) fifth-grade-buddy. Brenda prayed for her to do well in school this year and to have a great time on Spring Break.

There are three essential element to an Agape Community Gathering. These elements provide a framework to help ensure that we are experiencing and expressing God’s love. The first is connecting with each other. We usually do this around a meal. The second is connecting with God. This is done by opening up the Bible and talking about what we read in it. The third is connecting with our community. Today we did that through the prayer walk. Other times it may be through service projects or just hanging out in the community. All three, however, are essential to what it means to be Agape Ann Arbor.

We’d love for you to join us at our next Agape Community Gathering. Contact us for more information.

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