How Far is Heaven?

In this, the last post based on questions from Facebook, we’ll address the question, “Is there a heaven?” I did a little research on this question before writing this post, because I’ve never really thought about this particular question. Apparently, I’m not the only one. I looked in seven different theology books and five of my old philosophy textbooks and none of them directly address the existence of heaven. While it seems that not too many people think about whether or not heaven exists, a lot of people certainly consider hell. While I find it incredibly interesting that hell is more of a topic of speculation than heaven, that’s a different blog post. I’ll stick with heaven for this one.

At it’s root, the question appears to be focused on the evidence, or lack thereof, for heaven. This is very difficult for me because, in truth, I don’t have any hard evidence. I can’t point to heaven and say, “There it is!” I don’t have a well thought out and syllogism explain in unassailable logic how heaven must exits. It seems that Bono was right when he said in the song Walk On, heaven is a place that “has to be believed to be seen.” So instead of giving you something that I don’t have, I’ll tell you why I believe there is a heaven.

For me the issue boils down to one simple reality. I believe Jesus. Not only do I believe in Jesus. I believe Jesus. Jesus said there is a heaven, and I believe him. Jesus told his disciples that he was leaving them to prepare a place for them. In Christian theology, we refer to that place as heaven. To one of the men crucified next to him he said that he would see him that day in paradise. I believe that the paradise he was referring to is heaven.

There are many other references to heaven in the Bible. There are other places where Jesus specifically addresses what will happen to us after we die. So, I have a question for you. Do you believe Jesus? Do you believe that Jesus was truthful in the things he said regarding what happens after this life? If Jesus was truthful then there is a heaven.

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  1. I’m not sure how much traffic you are getting here, so if my comment stirs the pot too much, you have my permission to delete it, and I won’t shout ‘censorship!’ or ‘Freedom of Speech’ or anything like that.  I understand and admire your efforts @ Agape, and I don’t want to be a hindrance.  However, your argument for the belief in Heaven is very much in the same line of faith and reason for us Catholics belief in the Eucharist (the ACTUAL presence of Christ (body, blood, soul and divinity) in what appears to be a slice of bread).

    We, Catholics, share your same frustration (lack of a better term) of lack of proof of Christ’s existence in the Eucharist, since just about all labs would confirm it’s ‘just bread’…  We very much hang our hat, at least historically on the words of Christ in Scripture.  In true Catholic form, I lack the scripture references   :-), but I’m sure you are familiar with them, and don’t doubt their existence.  At the last supper, his words ‘Hoc est meum corpus’ (“This is my Body”) is mentioned.  We could go back and forth on the symbolic verses literal translation on this, but his word of choice was EST (‘is’).  Flashback a bit earlier, in Scripture (in John) where he told his disciples that ‘If you do not eat the flesh of the son of man, and drink his blood, you have no life in me’.  And what happened next???  The crowd left (with few exceptions)…  They were just as ‘freaked out’ or maybe ‘confused’ as many Catholics and Non-Catholic of today.  Eating flesh???  Drinking Blood???  No way!!  Soon after that was the ‘Who do YOU say that I am?” dialogue, confirming faith in Christ.  Certainly a prefigurement of the REALity of the Last Supper.

    So, while the Eucharist is very much a Catholic ‘thing’, it IS deeply rooted in Scripture and Faith, in the same way that your discussion of Heaven is.  Certainly, at first, there was no ‘proof’ of Christ’s presence in the Eucharist.  It was, presumably, many years later, when Eucharistic miracles were witnessed, including bleeding Eucharist.

    So, when I am asked by faithful men and women, why do I believe in the Eucharist, I simply reply to them, because Jesus tell us, and if Jesus is truthful, the Eucharist is real.  And when I say ‘real’, I mean REAL.

    Peace B.

    1. Brian – Totally fair comment and completely legitimate for this blog. Thank you for sharing.

      That correlation between what I’m saying here about heaven and the Roman Catholic and Orthodox understanding of the eucharist makes sense. I’d love to read other’s opinions on the topic.

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