Relational Necessity

Humanity is a social species. We need contact with other people. We are relational beings. Whether you think it’s because we’re created in the image of a relational God or you think there are evolutionary advantages to gathering together in family or tribal groups the fact remains it’s in our dna to build social connections.

In fact relationships can be the source of our greatest joy. Romantic love. Team accomplishment. Children. Yet, relationships are also the source of our greatest pain. Rejection. Isolation. Abuse.

One of the roles of a Christ-following community is to create an environment where those joys can be celebrated and the wounds from those painful experiences can be healed. At Agape Ann Arbor we describe this as experiencing and expressing God’s love.

That’s why our focus isn’t on buying a building and creating a cool church experience. Our focus is on building relationships and providing spaces where together we can experience and express God’s love. If you’d like to learn more, join us for brunch one Sunday or hang out with us at a party that one of us is hosting. Check out our calendar for more details. Or you can contact us and we can grab a beer or a cup of coffee together and talk.